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At OQAY Aroma London we specalise in ranges of lavishing bath time products, all bound together with a unique ingredient, Coconut Oil. Combined with use of natural ingredients from sustainable sources and the purest quality essential oils.

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What we offer

Our Philosophy and Approach

To provide products to deeply soothe your mind, body and soul in ritual baths and in your own Time. We know aromatherapy in its simplest form holds great possibilites, thus, we use this to Give the Organic Lifestyle Desreved (GOLD)™.

we keep our purity promises

We are dedicated to producing a truly incredible finished product, while keeping our purity promise to you every step of the way. Responsibly sourcing from partners who share in this vision is a fundamental part of our approach to Giving the Organic Lifestyle you Deserve (GOLD)™.

what makes our products so special?

Coconut is in all our products at at-least 2% in all our ingredients. Coconuts are the most diverse fruits in this universe and they contain both lauric and capric acids, these two acids fight against both fungi and bacteria which are two of the main causes of many skin conditions.

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