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Headache Soother Essential Oil Blend


Mother Nature’s Aspirin!

Give your head a break and ease the discomfort with our 100% plant-based and natural alternative to soothe your headache – all in this small 10ml bottle. Inhaling our blend of peppermint oil and menthol deeply a few times, can lift a headache within a few minutes. Do this by adding 3 drops to a cup of hot water (be very careful) and inhaling deeply a few times, you’ll immediately feel your headache calming down (some results may vary). You can also drop a few drops of the essential oil in your bath or burner, to soothe away tension and headaches. The peppermint scent even helps to clear the mind for peaceful thoughts.

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  • 100% pure essential oils.
  • Soothing properties to relieve headaches and tension.
  • Can be used as a massage oil, daily moisturiser, bath oil and natural fragrance oil.
  • Blended to help increase relaxation and reduce tension.
  • No preservatives.
  • Excellent for oil for massages.
  • For external uses only.
  • Individual results may vary.


Directions For Use:

  • The duration and the intensity of diffusion vary according to the size of the room and the number of persons.
  • Dilute with carrier oil for a soothing massage or topical application.
  • Add 6 drops to bath water for a relaxing soak.
  • Dilute in a bowl of steaming water for steam inhalations.
  • Add a few drops to water in a burner or diffuser, for a calming scent.
  • Put a few drops on your pillow for a peaceful mood.



100% Pure


Size: 10ml

Material: Glass bottles

Packaging: Reusable cardboard box




– Keep out of reach of children.

– Do not diffuse in the bedroom of a child under 2 years. (Kids Range coming soon)

– Watch the choice of essential oils used (allergy, causticity…)

– Place the diffuser in order to avoid contact with the face and the eyes.

– Animals also react to the diffusion.


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