About us

Our team

  • Tavinia Hutchinson (BBM and ITEC L3 Beauty) - CEO/Founder - , her love for both worlds led to the development of one of London’s most classy mobile beauty concepts. Here (ZahMal London LTD.), our number one goal is to enhance our clients’ own beauty through our expert techniques. From the conception of the idea to the development of our company, each product/service was considered for making an exceptional experience. Both classy and modern elements have been tied together giving a balance that is pleasing to all tastes.

  • Vanisha Tailor BA Hons Design (Products) - Brand Director - holds a first class degree, she is passionate about anything related to brand and packaging and is a firm believer in the power of a pure brand comes pure products and services. Vanisha is dedicated to ensuring ZahMal owns this exact image. Passionate about presentation and visualisation of the company her enthusiam reflects her work through the brand and packaging. Outside of ZahMal she is a watch collector, loves trainers and food!