About Us


We strongly believe in good health and wellbeing;
thus, in order to enhance your best Times, we try to make you feel de-stressed and uplifted. By creating healthy breathing products and a warm atmosphere our customers will want every bathroom session to be their wellbeing Time.


Overthrow the Query for Another You by Giving the Organic Lifestyle you Deserve (OQAY GOLD).


CEO/ Founder

Her love for both worlds led to the development of
one of London’s most classy mobile beauty concepts. 
Here (ZahMal London LTD.), our number one goal is to enhance our clients’ own beauty through our expert techniques. From the conception of the idea to the development of our company, each product/service
was considered for making an exceptional experience.
Both classy and modern elements have been tied
together giving a balance that is pleasing to all tastes.

vanisha tailor

Creative Director

Holds a first class degree in Design (Products),
she is passionate about anything related to brand and packaging and is a firm believer in the power of a pure
brand comes pure products and services. Vanisha is
dedicated to ensuring ZahMal owns this exact image. Passionate about presentation and visualisation of
the company her enthusiasm reflects her work through
the brand and packaging. Outside of ZahMal she is
a watch collector, loves trainers and food!


We started out on OQAY in 2017 and have been built around natural and healthy skin care, coconuts, aromatherapy and love. Though our products are young, our ingredients have been working for centuries, all we did was combined them.  We’ve added “love” to all our products because they are made from the heart and our love for awesome health. Coconut is in all our products at at-least 2% in all our ingredients. Coconuts are the most diverse fruits in this universe and they contain both lauric and capric acids, these two acids fight against both fungi and bacteria which are two of the main causes of many skin conditions.

Natural and healthy skincare derived from Tavinia, whom had to constantly be searching for products for her father (a former cancer patient) to use on his skin after chemotherapy ended. “I remembered as a little girl coconut oil was all my mom would use on my skin, and I grew up having a very beautiful and healthy skin. It was due to this why I came up with the idea to study more on the health benefits of coconut. However, my dad is a massive fan of having great smelling products on his skin, so I knew aromatherapy would have been a great addition to my ingredients. He was my first customer of the great, now named Caribbean Time, which was his idea.”


We’ve pride ourselves in making top quality products and insuring the best customer service or your money back.