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Swap Smoking for Scents

‘It helps keep me calm.’

‘I only do it when I’m out with friends.’

‘I can stop whenever I want to.’

People start smoking for a vast number of reasons.

It can be a habit picked up from family and friends, or simply a coping mechanism for those struggling with stress or anxiety. While most smokers are aware of how smoking can negatively affect your physical health, did you know smoking can have a dramatic affect on your mental health too?

At OQAY, we encourage our customers to take care of their mind as much as their bodies. For us, that means thinking about everything that can have a negative impact on our health, and finding ways to avoid harmful habits. 

Smoking can increase anxiety, make you more irritable and has been linked to depression.

Ironically, one of the main reasons people smoke is to improve their anxiety, but in reality, smoking has the opposite effect! Even though nicotine can temporarily relieve feelings of tension, the cigarette you’ve just puffed is actually only reducing your nicotine cravings. The symptoms of craving nicotine are very similar to those of anxiety, and it’s easy to assume that smoking is solving your anxiety, not simply satisfying your craving for a cigarette.

Coping with anxiety can be tough, but there’s no need to reach for a cigarette. Instead, try yoga, deep breathing, writing your thoughts, or aromatherapy scents like lavender and chamomile. Our Relax Time and Sleep Time ranges contain these soothing scents and can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety – and you won’t ever have to stand outside in the cold to use them!

Studies have shown that if you combine a relaxing scent with meditation like deep breathing mindfulness or yoga, the scent itself can be enough to invoke a feeling of calm. By practising some of these coping techniques, you can start to help yourself reach less for the cigarette box, and more for the scents.

For those who suffer with other mental health conditions such as depression and schizophrenia, stopping smoking can actually be as beneficial as antidepressants. 

If you’re considering reducing your nicotine intake and don’t know where to start, small changes can be the key to taking the first step forward. By considering the scents you use in your skin care routine, self care rituals, and around your home, you’ll become more aware of how each smell makes you feel, and the impact it has on your mood and behaviour.

Using OQAY products, will also help you to start to combat the negative effects smoking has on your skin. From premature ageing to sagging skin and tinted fingers, if you’re a smoker, by using our bath salts and oils, you’ll be able to start giving your skin the love it deserves.

OQAY products are an experience for both mind and body.

Each of our ‘Times’ are more than just a range of fragrances. The essential oils in our products have been specifically selected because of their ability to make us feel a certain way. You can choose the Time range you buy based on how you feel… or how you want to feel. 

If you’re tempted to give our Relax or Sleep range a try, or you’re looking for a Time to evoke a particular feeling, please get in touch with us! We’ll be more than happy to recommend a scent and talk you through the oils in each of our ranges. Head over to our socials on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let’s have a chat!

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