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2020: The year we gave ourselves a little extra love.

We’ve gone from going out to staying in, wearing suits in the office to pjs in the spare room, and being sociable to being on socials. 

2020 wasn’t the year any of us planned, and COVID-19 created a new ‘normal’ that was difficult to get used to. But as Christmas draws closer, and news of a vaccine suggests a happier and healthier 2021 is in sight, let’s look back at the last year and appreciate everything that made us smile.

2020 forced us to slow down. 

We embraced comfy clothes, walks in nature, catch ups on Zoom and avoiding rush hour traffic. Small pleasures became more important. We baked banana bread, shopped locally and binge watched our favourite TV shows. We learnt to take care of ourselves and those around us.

From solving jigsaws to learning new skills and rediscovering old favourites, 2020 became the year that we realised our mental wellbeing is just as important as our physical health.

When it comes to our mental health, everyone is different, but at OQAY, we know that the little things can have the biggest impact. Here are some of our top tips for taking sunshine into the new year, whatever the weather!

Be more mindful.

Spend a few moments every day being more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Stop rushing from place to place. Use the time to ground yourself, prepare for the day ahead, or to help you relax before bed. 

Apps like Calm and Headspace have grown in popularity in 2020, and the practise of mindfulness and meditation have helped to calm the nation. We hope the benefits of being more mindful see us well into the new year!

Prioritise self care.

With so much going on in the world around us, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Leaving room for some ‘me-time’ in your schedule can help you to take back the reins, and give yourself the love you deserve. 

Whether you’re taking a break from the kids, relaxing after a long day at work, or simply finding time to recharge away from the news, make sure you leave some time to do the things you enjoy.

Have a long soak in the bath, give yourself a mini facial or simply take time out with a cup of tea and a good book. You deserve it.

Appreciate fresh air.

For some of us, 2020 meant more time inside than ever before: shielding yourself, a loved one, or simply being less willing to be in the hustle and bustle of the city. Whatever your reason for staying in, when we did step outside, appreciation for nature soared – and it’s easy to see why.

A brisk morning walk or an afternoon stroll in your favourite park can dramatically improve your  mental and physical health. The UK has an abundance of beautiful walks for us to enjoy, so let’s make the most of the nature on our doorstep.

Even though this Christmas might not be the festive season we’re used to, there’s no reason we can’t make it wonderful. If you’re looking for something special to help you create a haven of calm in your home, take a look at our candles, or check out our range of skin care and bath salts. Our products are the perfect accompaniment to any ‘me time’ and can help you to relax, unwind, and take some time out just for you.

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